MUST READ!!! Nnaemeka John Writes About The Current Situation We Are Confronted With In Buhari’s Government/Nigeria 
“I love the Fulanis! Our Political Scientists take time to study Machiavelli, Gramsci, Shaka de Zulu, Hans Morganthau’s Power, Guevara et al ignoring a rare and unique political philosophy in our midst -the Fulanism-Jihadism! 
See how they took Hausa land, took Ilorin, used and dumped Ken Saro Wiwa, used the Tivs, Igalas, Idoma’s et al and dumped them. Unongo is now a wailing wailer, David Mark has lost his voice, Gemade is lost, Audu is still somnambulistic, Fani- Kayode is screaming, Olu Falae is now a chronic wailer; learnt they visited him again yesterday. Na so life be? 
Now, let it be known all over Southern Nigeria, that the March to dip the Koran into the Atlantic ocean has began in earnest. Any obstacle will be ruthlessly crushed. 
They tested the people’s will by threatening to soak dogs and baboons in blood, they got their way. 
The killed and burnt the entire family of a REC, nothing happened. They appointed only people from their side into their kitchen cabinet, southerners were made to justify it. 
They closed the chapel on the rock at Aso, our Christian Vice president, explained it away. They released murderous Boko Haram members, without any kind of penal measures into society, we hissed and went about our normal businesses. They paraded our people accused of corruption in handcuffs like common criminals, we kept quiet. 
They picked up Nnamdi Kanu, whose words pierced their conscience, exposed their plans and cried to the world; they handcuffed him, like a common criminal while Boko Haram kingpins, who have murdered hundreds, appeared in court unfettered, we only grumbled. 
They sent herdsmen to cause havoc in our homelands, rather than defend ourselves, we begged them to stop killing us in own ancestral homes. They pushed further by appointing only their own into the National Defence Council, something that has never happened before, not even immediately after the civil war, all we did was murmur. 
They took on unarmed IPOB, proscribed them, labeled them militants, politically correct people hailed them and clapped for them. 
For the jihadists, it was a sign that the time has come, the time to implement the time tested strategy that worked in Ilorin, Lebanon, Turkey and several other places. 
Since it is now very obvious, that the people have been cowed, intimidated and politically outsmarted, it is now time to introduce the Trojan horse, under the guise of cattle colonies. 
They will take the people’s lands, develop them with proceeds from oil, gotten from the people’s land and hand them over to their people. They will move in with their families, one man to four women, each woman have at least five children, in twenty years time, they’ll outnumber the Aborigines, use their numbers to get strategic political positions and declare an Islamic state. 



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