​You killed Them Because Of Biafra, Now They Are Know More, Where Is Your Restructuring? Where Is Your One Nigeria? Fulani headsmen Is Back With Their Killing – Wike Regrets


I have been keeping silent since the missing of IPOB leader Nnmadi KANU, during his protests for Biafra, they whole Eastern governors condemns the innocent man for what he was fighting for, they even helped to tag the innocent group a terrorist organization which the world refused to acknowledged only Nigeria.

Am still surprised that non of the northern governors have condemned the act of Fulani headsmen. But eastern governors because of power and money condemn their people, killed them and still over on as if nothing happens.

Wike made this statement while he was addressing Newsmen on Sunday at the Port Harcourt government house rivers.

We are still watching the activities of Fulani headsmen and when they will be tagged a terrorist group.



  1. It is better to be late than the late. Even though this comment is belated but it is noteworthy to see that it took the courage of an Igbo Governor of Rivers state to voice out this glaring truth whereas the other Governors from the other former Eastern Region did not have the spine to stand up for the truth instead they chickened out as cowards. It is a shame that we the Igbo leaders have sold their birthright because of lack of purpose for the very people you claim to be leading. It is not the value of Igbo people to betray their own. Many of our so-called political leaders are parading with campaign to curry the favor of Buhari for another term even though he and his administration committed a second pogrom against the Igbos and yet I hear that many of those leaders are now supporting the murder of their young ones as they killed their uncles, fathers , brothers and sisters over fifty years ago without reprasal. How are we going to explain this state of affairs for Igbos in Nigeria to our posterity. God forbid that the Igbos would allow themselves to be treated as second class citizens in the land that they helped develop.


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