​We Have Arrested Fulani Headsmen Leader, He Is One Of PDP Member, Nigeria Is Now Free – Lia Muhammed


Yesterday (Friday, January 13, 2018), the minister of information, Lai Mohammed, gave a press conference saying that the brave military of Nigeria have arrested the leader of Fulani headsmen who confessed to be sponsored by PDP menbers.
What Lai Mohammed does not know is that he has just indicted his own boss and exposed him to be a hypocrite who has no moral authority to pontificate on others, because right from PDD rule Fulani .

headsmen have been killing the masses 
Watch with your own eyes President Buhari condemning Jonathan for his plan to use $1 billion to fight Boko Haram and headmen on July 24, 2014. Now this same hypocrite wants to use $1 billion to fight Boko Haram.

On the 25th of July, 2014, Muhammadu Buhari gave an interview to APC Television, a media arm of the All Progressive Congress.

In that video (attached below) he criticized then President Jonathan for seeking $1 billion to fight terrorists of the Boko Haram radical Islamic sect, which means that lai Muhammad claims was a big lie.

His exact words were “now that we want to deal with some riffraffs in the Northeast, this government is looking for $1 billion. We are in a real mess and we know it”
Three years after making that statement and exactly two years after he claimed that Boko Haram was ‘technically defeated’, the same President Muhammadu Buhari is now looking for $1 billion to fight ‘riffraffs’ in the Northeast.


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