Tension: Nigerian Government Goes Worldwide In Search Of NNAMDI KANU Over World Sanction


Information reaching our news room have it that nigeria Army is searching from one country to another looking for Nnamdi Kanu.

A top insider revealed this to our correspondent.

The insider who begged for anonymity said that the tension is on Nigeria government to provide Nnamdi Kanu, the source revealed that many countries especially Britain and America have written to nigeria through their ambassadors requesting to know the whereabouts of Nnamdi kanu who went missing after nigeria Army Invaded his house.

The insider revealed that the last batch made up of Army, DSS and Police will be departing the country soon to search for Nnamdi Kanu at Europe stating that those searching for him in the whole Africa, Asia and many other parts have departed some weeks ago.



  1. It is very Unlawful that Nigerians voted a man like Buhari ,instead of Good luck. Listen PDP is the best government so far since I was born. Buhari is a vampire ,sucking bloods through the Herdsmen ! Buhari have ordered the Herdsmen to kill the whole Christians in Nigeria because he is a Muslim Jihadist. They called Christians unbelievers because their so called Mohamed the war lord gave the Koran stating that any body who did not believe in Islam should be beheaded. That is why Bugari is using Herdsmen to wipe the Christians in the North central. After that the herdsmen will find their way down to south east and south south.[CAN ] please take note ,don’t allow Buahari and his cabals to Islamize Nigeria because I’m perceiving a fresh war to come.


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