​Breaking!!! Trump Finally Reacts To Fulani Herdsmen killings; Stop Them Now Or I Will Step In to address the issue – Trump To Nigerian Government


The Republican Presidential Candidate of the United States of America, USA, Donald Trump, has threatened to step in to the matter concerning Fulani Headsmen Killing in the South East of Nigeria

The American Billionaire, who tagged Nigeria as a corrupt Nation, issued the threat on Sunday during a meeting held at Wichita, Kansas, claiming that: the President and some political elects of the country are aware and behind this killing, that is why they have not taking a solid measure to stop the killing.

Trump noted this as the major reason many Nigerians leave for America, and never want to come back. “Their Governments are so corrupt. Their government are killing their people through headsmen, They rob the people blind and bring it all here to spend and their people run away and come down here for a better live, this must stop.


  1. The president mohamed buhari is a mosilem and fulani by tribe. He send his brothers with arm to go and kill the christeans.after killing there will be invegatation no arrest. Because he is fighting for johady

  2. President Mohammad Buhari is the life patron of Meithi Alah- the unmbrella group of Fulani herdsmen. No wonder, no Fulani herdsmen has been captured despite all the atrocities and armunotipns they use to infiltrate and murder innocent citizen. They are using the military against the citizen to filified there quoranic agenda against the citizen.


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