Photo of a man tied in a bottle with “juju” found at a beach



A Facebook User Keneci Taylor has shared her shocking experience at a Beach she visited recently.

According to Taylor, she saw Photo of a man tied inside a red bottle as Juju to tie his destiny, Though the man’s name is unknown, but its sure looks scary..
She wrote ;

This is how some people are wicked look what wash out of the beach water on land people be careful of some of them people here

Reactions have trailed the shocking report and some users had this to say ;

Kristopher Sean Brown said; “IT CANT BE A MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE????”

Mo Et replied; “ok ok she put a “Hold” on him so he would always be by her/his side(we don’t know what he like) but this is similar to someone nailing their partners shoes to the side of their bed it also puts a “Hold” on a person so they will never leave the partners side”



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