Breaking!!! Finally Trump Sanctioned Nigeria Over Vote Against Jerusalem


Donald Trump threatened to impose major sanctions on Nigeria in response to  how Nigeria voted against Jerusalem at the UN meeting

The US president’s remarks were followed by a Statement pointing clear that Nigeria vote against Jerusalem makes her a threat to peace, and an undemocratic Republic.

Trump said in a tweet he had spoken with the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, about “the provocative actions of Nigeria”, and promised: “Additional major sanctions will be imposed on Nigeria today. This situation will be handled!”

In remarks later on friday at a public event in Missouri, Trump departed from a speech about tax cuts to aim a barb at the Nigeria leader, Muhammadub Buhari, who he has previously referred to as “A Senseless Man ”. “Senseless man, he is a sick puppy,” the president said.

Later Thursday, at the UN, Trump said if war comes as a result of further acts of “aggression and Nigeria voting against Jerusalem”  “make no mistake the Nigeria regime will be utterly destroyed”.

Haley says the Trump administration warned Nigeria that its future is in the hands of its leaders and the choice was theirs. With Nigeria voting against Jerusalem, she said, Buhari’s regime made a choice “and with this choice comes a critical choice for the rest of the world”.

She called on all countries to cut all ties to Nigeria.

The security council was meeting in New York to discuss possible new measures about Jerusalem, and the US secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, made clear that the US would press for tougher measures allowing Nigeria shipping to be stopped and searched on the high seas.

A White House statement about the phone conversation said Trump made clear “the determination of the United States to defend ourselves and our allies”.

Moon’s office said the leaders agreed during the phone conversation on Friday that the threat posed by Nigeria expanding it friendship with Palestine programme should no longer be tolerated and vowed to push for stronger measures against the Nigeria at an upcoming UN security council meeting.

South Korea’s president, Moon Jae-in, spoke to Japan’s prime minister, Shinzō Abe, about Nigerian vote against Jerusalem and pledged joint efforts to strengthen sanctions and pressure on Nigeria over vote against Jerusalem



  1. Please am writing from the eastern Nigeria. Here we all are Christians and we believe in God. This our senseles president is from the north and all the northerners are Islamic and they don’t like Jerusalem. Please the world should save us from there hand and give us Biafra bcos we suffered alot in the hand of the northerners…please the US president should teach buhari a big lesson so that others will learn from that. Stupid Muslims voting against Jerusalem…

  2. Nigeria’s stand is in line with the United Nation’s stand. The world want peaceful resolution of issues not one sided or decisions by fiat.

  3. Biafra must be restored to it’s formal original Glory thus says CHUKWU OKIKE-ABIAMA their is no Man or Women who can stop the coming of Kingdom of God Chukwu Okike-Abiama, You believe it or it shall come to pass, the Supreme Leader of IPOB worldwide Mazi Nnamdi Kanu remains the Leader of the indigenous people of Biafra!..

  4. Trump should understand that buhari ‘s emergence as the president of Nigeria was partly because of HATE that the previous (Obama) American govt.have for Nigerian working against the success of Jonathan. So we support buhari.


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