​The United Nations have never cared about, Africans.


They prefer conflicts and dreaded War, so to send the United Nations Troops and make elephantine Money, from various Nations.
Biafrans have being killed massively by the Nigeria Government, with indemnity.

Africans are mutilated and massacred in Libya, yet the General Secretary of the United Nations, lost his vocal strength.

The United Nations are not giving hope to the Common Man, thus African Countries should arise and put a total halt, to this obvious Racial discrimination against the Black people.

I am glued to my stance that, Ghadaffi was killed by the Western World, so as to destroy Africa.

If the Western World claims innocent of Ghadaffi’s death, why the delay in stopping the Barbaric calamitous killings in Libya, same way they eliminated Ghadaffi?

No one in Africa is safe. They forcefully harvest our Organs and we fly to buy from them. Our Organs are now sold, for the wellbeing of the Western World, whilst same organs are not reachable to save Life’s in Africa.

Africa must arise and fight against this injustice, for we are not, Western Sacrificial Lamb.

If you find Dictators in your Land who serves as an instrument to the Western World against Africans, expose and fight them.

We must fight without capitulation and protect our Leaders who are threats to the Western World.

We must not let them, kill The Leader Of The Indigenous People Of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and through him, the shackles of the Western World in not just BiafraLand, but the entirety of Africa, will be broken.





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