​“I need a male best friend, he must be gay” — Nigerian Lady Announces



 A Nigerian lady has taken to Social Media too scout for a new male bestie, but must have a certain attribute.

She says he MUST be Gay.

The lady identified as Onyeka, took to Instagram to launch her search for a Gay man ready to be her bestie.

“I need a male best friend, He must be Gay, I just want a female in a male body, No snitching or backbiting, No drama” Onyeka wrote on Instgram

 According to research and popular beliefs, Gay best friends are ideal for ladies as these are the men who are there for you when you need them, You trust them completely – and often turn to them for advice and comfort, and the relationship can be platonic, as they won’t try to sleep with you.

I guess this is what Onyeka needs a Gay best friend for. But well, goodluck looking for that in Nigeria.



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