Amuzi Community in Ahia-Azu L.G.A, Mbaise, Imo State was agog today [25th of October 2017], as  Chief Prof. Jasper F. Jumbo commissioned the Umuogazi Road project being executed by the Niger Delta Development Company [NDDC].

Chief Prof. Jasper F. Jumbo has worked relentlessly to ensure that all roads in Umuogazi Amuzi Ahara, Ahia-Azu LGA in Mbaise are all built, refurbished, and in good condition.

Apart from the road project in Mbaise,  Chief Prof. Jasper F. Jumbo is a well known contractor so far, for his illustrious works both home and abroad.

After a brief commissioning of the “well-built road” today by  Chief Prof. Jasper F. Jumbo, not only were the villagers elated, the commissioners were also well pleased with the credibility of the constructed road.

 Chief Prof. Jasper F. Jumbo promised the villagers to work more for them in the nearby future. He urged the villagers to maintain the good work done for them.

In his words: “This is just the beginning of installing good roads for the people of Amuzi; I promise to do more as time goes on.
It is one thing to build, and another to maintain. Therefore I exhort every body to be responsible for the up-keeping of this road and others yet to come, so that our future children would partake in the good atmosphere of this wonderful work for the people of Mbaise.”

Speaking after the project’s commissioning, the king of Amuzi, Eze Ikechukwu Francis Unaka commended and congratulated  Chief Prof. Jasper F. Jumbo for a job well done. In his words; “Our hearts are with you and your  co-workers of NDDC for remembering our village. Not only did you people answer our distress call, you people also built a long-lasting road and unforgettable memories that will never fade away.”

The Chairman of the Okro and Ukazi union known as “Bishop” also congratulated  Chief Prof. Jasper F. Jumbo for the work done in their village.

 Chief Prof. Jasper F. Jumbo in his closing remark said: “I believe that a good name is better than silver and gold. I believe there is life after here. So I’m doing a good work so as to imprint an unforgettable legacy which will live on even after me.

And my work for Mbaise village is not only for the present generation but for the yet unborn  generation.”


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