My Experience As NYSC In Akwa Ibom


I was deployed to Akwa Ibom in June 2012 (Batch B) for my one year compulsory National Youth Service Corps and was elated. After the 3 – week orientation at Nsit Atai, Ikot Udung camp; I was posted to Oron local government for my primary assignment.

When I got to Oron, I stayed in the Catholic family house where I met a good friend and we got an apartment. It was a one storey building, we lived upstairs. Fast forward to few months; On a weekend and my roommate had travelled to see her husband. It was the peak of harmattan season; So I locked up my windows and door earlier, snuggled into the bed and started reading a book.

Around 11 pm, was already feeling sleepy, said my prayers and slept off. My phone rang, I reluctantly picked up and it was 1:20 am. Few minutes into the discussion, I noticed a sound and asked my caller to hold on while I switched on the light.

Lo and behold; there was a big black bird right inside the room. I was so shocked wondering where exactly it came in from and why it didn’t see it neither did it fly all through I read with lights on. I opened the windows so it could fly out but it kept hovering around the room. Immediately, I went for the broom but as I pursue the bird out, my hands became numb.  I dropped the broom, tried to unbolt the door but to my greatest surprise, the bolt seemed glued to itself.

Oh! This must be a Spiritual attack I murmured. I resorted to prayers, reminded God of his promises of trampling down fierce lions and poisonous snakes, pleaded the blood of Jesus Christ and the bird fell, quickly turned to the bolt and it unlocked. I rushed downstairs, knocked at my Neighbour’s door and that was were I spent the rest of the night purging uncontrollably.

Alot of people do believe that Witch Craftism do not exist; I was one of them but had an entirely different perception after this encounter.

It was a horrible experience and I thank God for saving my life; I am a Survivor.



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