Breaking: Biafra: President Trump makes maiden move, dispatches top US Congressmen to Nigeria on Biafra Referendum


PARIS, OCTOBER 2, 2017: (DGW) If the email in the possession of dailyglobewatch is anything to go by, the United State Present has taken a maiden move to dialogue with his Nigerian counterpartuhari on the need to look into the agitation raging on in Nigeria’s southeast.

The southeast which is the epicentre of agitation is fighting for a breakaway state of Biafra, a move which the Nigerian authorities remain fundamentally opposed to considering the proscription of a frontline separatist group, the Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB) and later by an order from the Federal High Court, Abuja designating the group a terrorist organization.
Reacting to this development, the US mission in Nigeria has since issued a statement that it does not consider IPOB a terrorist group under US laws, a position which was also upheld by the British Government.

However, in an email in the possession of Daily Globe Watch, the US President will be setting up a Committee under the auspices of the Department of State’s Bureau of African Affairs made up of some leading US congressmen to lead a maiden delegation to President Muhammadu Buhari on the need to look into the agitation for a peaceful resolution of the crisis, a position which the US commission in Nigeria had earlier held.

The email read in part: ”President Donald Trump is gravely concerned about the agitation by separatists’ movements in Nigeria particularly in the country’s southeast where there had been reported cases of extreme use of force by the Nigerian military. While the US supports the unity of Nigeria but the Nigerian authorities must look into the grievances of the agitators for a peaceful resolution.

”The US, however, will also not encourage violent agitation in any form against Nigeria’s constituted authorities and hereby urge the agitators to respect the laws of their country for a peaceful resolution of the crisis.

On a referendum, the US president said the regional governments will also be visited by the team of visiting US congressmen to hold meetings with the governors of the region and the Houses of Assembly after meeting with the President of Nigeria in Abuja.

”Our team made up of top congressmen will be meeting His Excellency, the President of Nigeria in Abuja after which the delegation will proceed to the southeast for extensive consultations with the leaders of the region comprising the Governors and lawmakers in the regional Houses of Assembly as no one can make any pronouncement without seeking their expressed consent.”

”We do hope the crisis unfolding in Nigeria will be resolved peacefully and on a peaceful resolution, we irrevocably stand.” , the statement added.



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